Notice of Privacy

In accordance with the provisions of the  “Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data” , Construcciones SB declares  to be a company responsible for the processing of your personal data, informs you that the information of our clients is treated in a strictly confidential manner, so by providing your personal data, such as:
1. Name.
2. Telephone
3. Email.

These will be used solely and exclusively for the following purposes:

1. Information and Provision of Services.
2. Database Update.
3. Any purpose analogous or compatible with the previous ones.

To prevent unauthorized access to your personal data and in order to ensure that the information is used for the purposes established in this privacy notice, we have established various procedures in order to prevent unauthorized use or disclosure of your data, allowing us to treat them properly.

Cookie Notice

Specific privacy issues  on our website

On our Website we use “ cookies ”. Cookies  are small data files that are stored on the hard drive of your computer or electronic communication device that you use when browsing our Site . These data files allow status information to be exchanged between our Website and the browser you use. “State information” may reveal means of session identification, means of authentication or your user preferences, as well as any other data stored by the browser regarding the Website.

Cookies  allow us to monitor  a user’s online behavior. We use the information that is obtained through  cookies  to help us optimize your shopping experience. Through the use of  cookies  we can, for example, personalize our home page for you so that our screens are displayed in a better way according to your browser type.

Cookies  also allow us to offer you personalized  product recommendations and emails.

Cookies  are  not spyware, and Construcciones SB does not collect data from multiple sites or share the information we obtain through  cookies with third parties .

Like most websites, our servers record your IP address, the URL from which you accessed our Website, your browser type, and the date and time of your purchases and other activities. We use this information for system administration, troubleshooting technical problems, fraud investigation, and for our communications with you.

Finally, we inform you that the Website uses web beacons. Web beacons also allow us to monitor your behavior on electronic media. We use web beacons to determine when and how many times a page has been viewed.

We use this information for marketing purposes, but only for our own marketing practices.

Your browser will accept  cookies  and allow automatic collection of information unless you change your default browser settings. Most web browsers allow you to manage your  cookie preferences .

You can set your browser to reject or delete  cookies . The following links show how to adjust the browser settings of the most frequently used browsers:

Internet Explorer

If Website cookies are disabled, our Site will not load properly.

Cookie Categories  Why do we use these  cookies ?
Techniques They are  cookies  necessary for the functioning of a website. They include, for example,  cookies  that allow you to log into secure areas of a website or purchase goods online.
preferences These  cookies  allow the user to access the website with certain general functionalities predefined on the user’s terminal according to a series of criteria (e.g. language, browser type, geographical settings). They are used to recognize a user when they return to a website. These  cookies  allow us to personalize content for a user and remember their preferences.
Security We use these  cookies  to help identify and prevent security risks.
Performance We use these  cookies  to collect information about how you interact with our website and to help us improve it. For example, we may use these  cookies  to determine whether you have interacted with a particular web page.
Analysis These  cookies  allow us to better understand how our users interact with our website. They allow us to recognize and count the number of visits and know how they navigate a website when they use it. These  cookies  help us improve the way a website works, for example by ensuring that users find what they are looking for easily. We may use these  cookies  to learn more about which features are most popular with our users and where we need to improve.
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